I have been inspired by so many teachers over the years.  I am honoured that I have the opportunity to teach music myself now, and effect other musicians.  In 2009, I founded The Toronto Institute For The Enjoyment Of Music.  The music school was opened for 10 years in the heart of downtown Toronto (821 Queen Street West).  It was there that I was encouraged to inspire musicians of all ages with new creative ideas and approaches to music. I offer lessons in piano/keyboard, music theory, digital music, and/or ukulele to all ages.


1. Lessons Are Tailored To Your Interests & Goals:
Tailoring each lesson to the particular student and keeping the enjoyment of music at the forefront facilitates a natural progression that feels right to the individual. Some students want to learn how to read music, and some to learn by ear. Some want to learn how to play their favourite songs, others desire to give their musical knowledge and technique a push via musical theory. Whatever the case may be, Howard is there to support and nurture the student and their interests, and guide them to their musical goals.
2. Music Makes You Healthy:
It’s a scientific fact that soothing music can decrease levels of stress in the body, due to a marked decrease in the body’s natural stress hormone, cortisol. Upbeat music can increase the number of antibodies in the system which are crucial in detecting and eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses. The soothing mind-frame one enjoys while playing a calming piano piece, for example, is truly a preemptive medicine that no human should do without.
3. Music Is A Universal Language:
It’s a great feeling knowing that you can reach people from anywhere in the world and put a smile on someone’s face, just by playing a few bars of “Smoke on the Water”. Learning music allows the expression of joy, and excitement, also, sadness, loss, and a whole other gamut of emotions that require a big box of Kleenex. Expressing emotional feelings is necessary to move forward and live a full life, and music will help you do that without creating too much paper waste.
4. Music Is Fun:
Even though studying music is challenging, as soon as your first accomplishment is realized, even if it’s playing your first few chords, you get the reward of that priceless feeling. The good news is that priceless feeling never depletes, it’s only enhanced by the exhilarating cycle of challenge, and achievement. Enjoy!


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