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I have recently finished a group of tracks for a new album called Tight Rope Modulations. There is no specific genre which this music fits into, I was just trying to push the limitations of my gear, and do things I have never done before. There does seem to be a connection between the tracks, whether it is the sound source, the time period, location, or mood.  You can listen to the tracks below.  If you like, please visit the band camp page and make a purchase. CLICK HERE –>  howard goldbach bandcamp

You can also listen to my first solo recording called Invisible Cities, the tracks are below. The last few months I have been working with multi-instrumentalist Felipe Sena arranging some of this material for live performance. So far the reaction has been favourable, and we are having a great time making the music. We look forward to many more performances in 2017, and the evolution of this collaboration.

Share the tracks if you like, and thanks for listening.




Here is a new track called 1 2 3 hello !?! Hope you enjoy.


The tracks below are all from my first solo recording called Invisible Cities.  The music was published early 2016, but some tracks date back a few years in some form or another.

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