Howard fuses his background in avant-garde classical music, adventurous electronic music, and improvisational jazz with song based structures to create his unique approach to music. It is his approach to synthesis, sound design, and his sense of melody and rhythm which give his original music its unique style. He has established himself as an active and creative musician, producer, teacher and facilitator in the Canadian music scene. His most recent projects include playing keyboards with Beggars Waltz, collaborations with Brandon Gibson-DeGroote, and Felipe Sena, and his more adventurous solo electronic music.

During his formative years, Howard studied at the Vancouver Community College, and University of British Columbia, earning a Composition degree. He has worked with members of Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, Mother Mother, as well as with creative musicians Gordon Grdina, Francois Houle, Benoit Delbecq, Kenton Loewen, Peggy Lee, Giorgio Magnanensi, Peter Hannan and other great musicians. It was in the open-minded and unconventional artistic community of Vancouver, British Columbia that Howard nourished and informed his experimental approach to art, education, and music.

Howard founded The Toronto Institute For The Enjoyment Of Music in 2009 in the heart of downtown Toronto in the West Queen West area. His philosophy of placing the enjoyment of music above all other aspects of learning nourished a creative environment for the community. Due to current events, he now continues to explore this philosophy of music education with his students online.

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